Audio/Video Translation

Our audio-visual translation services professionals have prepared language conversions of films, videos, presentations, and multimedia for more than 35 years into 100+ languages. These audio-visual language conversions enable your organization to reach vast populations that do not use English.

We work closely with you to determine the best way to adapt your materials for your target market before starting production. Our process includes client review, feedback, and approval as essential for producing the product that best suits your needs. Often our clients monitor recording sessions to ensure that timing, voice quality, volume, emphasis, and mixing of music and sound effects are exactly right. The foreign language version must be equal to the English original in all respects.

Our Production:

  • Promotional, training, and instructional videos
  • Multimedia programs on CD-ROM
  • Multilingual audio tours for museums and other tourist attractions
  • Slides and overheads for presentations
  • Video translation and narration
  • Transcription and translation of audio recording for litigation ediscovery

Several Audio-Video Service Options:

Our professional staff has experience using several different techniques to adapt videos or audio tracks to other languages. These include:

  • Lip-synching, where foreign language actors’ voices are carefully dubbed clip_image002in place of on-camera actors;
  • Voice-over production, a UN-style technique that replaces the existing narrator’s voice with a narrator speaking another language, yet allows the original audio to be heard at a suppressed level in the background;
  • On-screen text replacement and subtitling: an on-screen written translation of the original audio, which remains unaltered.

While most clients choose voice-over narration, subtitling or lip-synching may be preferable for certain situations. All GSI has an inventory of almost 200 male and female professional voices to choose from for more than 20 of the most common foreign languages. Professional narrator voice samples are available on request. Tape samples can be provided to help the client select the most appropriate voices.

The Process:


Before recording the voice-over or lip-synching, or typesetting the subtitles, the original script must first be translated. Essential in this type of translation work is the timing, editing, and fitting of the script for video so it will exactly match the existing audio and images. Our translators are experienced in converting scripts to video and very familiar with the timing requirements.

Once a client approves the translation of the script, work in the studio begins. There, the foreign language narrator listens to the English through a headset while reciting the translated script. We record each section several times until the monitor is satisfied with the timing and quality of the recording. Finally, the foreign language narration is inserted in place of the English on the master, guaranteeing synchronization with the picture.

Lip-Synching: For programs with a great deal of on-camera talking, All GSI provides lip-synching services (“dubbing for video”) in all common commercial languages. For this work we use only highly specialized, experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities.


Voice-Over Production: An economical way to create foreign language versions of your video programs or segments is to replace the English with standard voice-over narration, including UN-style narration to indicate that the voice you hear is a substitute for the on-camera speaker. Productions using this technique play a few words of the original audio at regular volume in the beginning but quickly subdue the original track (it remains slightly audible in the background) as the new foreign language is overlayed in the foreground.

On-Screen Text Replacement: Using this technique, we create new on-screen text for any language usually done with Photoshop or Illustrator.

A/V Production: We take care of all steps to create or produce your audio-visual program, and are able to provide audio as .WAV, .AVI, or MIDI files on DAT or a variety of video formats. From the typesetting of labels or packaging materials in foreign languages to the color standard conversion (PAL, SECAM) of videos, we coordinate and perform as much of the process as you want.



clip_image008Audio and Video Services

  • Voice-overs
  • Subtitling
  • Special-effects generation
  • Post-production
  • Production masters and safety masters
  • Conversion to foreign formats (PAL, SECAM)
  • Streaming media for Web
  • Formats: MPEG, QuickTime, WAV, AVI, AIFF, MP3, DV Cam, Betacam SP, Betacam, ¾-inch, ¾-inch SP, Hi8,
    8 mm, Super VHS and VHS, DVD

clip_image008[1]Multilingual Production Solutions

We provide a complete, comprehensive range of solutions covering all aspects of multilingual audio and video production:

  • Project evaluation and consultation
  • Script review, time-coding, translation and localization
  • Foreign-language talent hiring, coordination, in-studio direction and review
  • Studio recording, editing, layback and quality assurance
  • Integration of on-screen graphics or text
  • Final review, approval and release
  • Format conversion, if required
  • Tape duplication

clip_image008[2]Voice Talent

Located just five minutes outside of Washington, DC, All GSI has access to a unique multilingual community of professional native-speaking voice talent. Voice-over services may include single or multiple voices, depending on the requirements of your project.

Recording Studio:

From basic tracks to mixing and CD mastering, our courteous and professional recording studio staff will provide you with the expert personalized service your audio-video recording project deserves, all at an affordable price.

Our Local and International Recording Studio location:

clip_image012 clip_image013

1. Studio/Recording Studio Team: New York City, NY Location

Team 1: Larger projects in-house:

2. Studio/Recording Studio Team: Miami, FL Location

Team 2: Small projects in-house locally near our office:

3. Studio/Recording Studio Team: Bangkok, Thailand Location

Team 3: Large projects in-house for low-cost budgets:



SOUND IMAGE STUDIO A is a versatile tracking and overdub room.  It is fully equipped, including Neve, API, and Trident MIC PREs and EQs.  Recording capabilities include Pro Tools HD3 Accel with 3-192 I/Os and Studer 827 analog.  Monitors include Tannoy System 215, KRK 13000, and Yamaha NS-10M, all powered by Hafler.


Pro Tools HD 3 Accel with 3 192 I/O’s – Pro Tools Mix Plus System – Studer A827 Analog 24 track recorder – Sony 3324A Digital 24 track recorder – Alesis Adat XT With BRC – Tascam DA-88 – HHB CDR 800 recorder – Sony PCM 2600 DAT recorder – Dennon DN 720R cassette recorder – Marantz PMD 321 CD


Tannoy Monitor System 215 – KRK 13000 Monitor System – Yamaha NS-10M
All Hafler Power Amps


Neve 1272 Preamp (2) – API 312 Preamp (5) – Neve 1073 Equalizer
API 550A Equalizer (3) – Summit DCL 200 Stereo Comp / Limiter
Behringer MDX 2000 Stereo Comp / Limiter
Behringer MDX 2100 Stereo Comp / Limiter
DBX 166 Stereo Compressor – Ashley SC-55 Stereo Comp / Limiter
Drawmer Dual Noise Gates – Glockenklang Noise Gates (8)
Yamaha Rev 7 Digital Reverb – Yamaha SPX 900 Multi Effects
Ensoniq DP4 Multi Effects – Urei LA-4 Compressor / Limiter (2)
Ibanez HD1000 Harmonics / Delay – Digitech Vocalist II – Akai S900 Sampler
Eventide H 910 Harmonizer – Glockenklang Bass Art Line Driver


DBX 160 Comp/Limiter – DBX FS 900 – Apex Expander Gates (2)
Berringer MDX 402 Stereo Comp/Limiter – Roland DEP-5 Multi Effects
Roland SDX 330 Dimensional Expander – Digitech 256 XL Multi Effects
Delta Lab Effectron III DDL – Rockman Chorus Delay – Rockman Sustainor
Eventide H 910 Harmonizer – Tapco 4400 Reverb – Echo Digital Recorder
Alesis D4 Drum Module – Alesis Quadraverb – Yamaha DMP 7 Automated Mixer


(2) Neuman U-87 – (1) Neuman U-89 – (2) Sennheiser 421 – (9) Shure SM-57
(2) Shure SM-81 – (1) EV RE-20 – (1) EV ND-308 – (3) EV ND-408 – (2) AKG 414
(4) AKG 451 – (1) AKG 452 – (1) AKG D-112 – (3) AKG 3800 – (2) PZM
(2) Audio Technica AT4033 – (1) Audio Technica Pro 37R


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    Toll free: 1-800-896-7030
    Direct line: (561) 889-6488
    Fax: (530)-658-4882
    Web site:
    Address: PO Box 3634 Lantana, FL.

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