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Simultaneous Conference interpreting

Real time, listening in your own language to a speaker, done in a fully enclosed sound booth. AlL Global Solutions international, Inc., uses Philips/Bosch & Williams Simultaneous Interpretation Sound Equipment. Philips/Bosh and Williams some undisputed leaders in interpretation supplies equipment to the United Nations, the E.U, the U.S Government and many other numerous international organizations.

We use infrared transmission equipment for the highest quality audio fidelity and most efficient setup time. We have provided interpretation systems for use in Hotel conference room, and Convention centers for up to 10,000 attendees. We can provide complete turnkey conference services including equipment rentals and booths, A/V technician and simultaneous interpreters in 100+ Countries 7 days a week!

A/V Conference Equipment



Equipment required for simultaneous interpretation:

When you call us at our toll free 1-800-896-7030 to get the simultaneous interpreters you need for your event or specific task, you also get the best and most appropriate equipment.

See below the equipment and interpreting services needed to set up a conference:

Interpreters need:  Interpretation booth + Transmitter + Console + Cables

Audience needs: Receivers + Headsets


Tabletop Booth

Full-Size Booth


4′ x 2′ x 2′

6’ x 6’ x 6’

Set Up

One banquet-size table

Full-standing. Interpreter’s table and chair are inside.

Recommended Use

Limited meeting space. Limited budget

Large Conference rooms, Convention center & arenas. Flexible budget

In addition to our equipment and set-up services, All Global Solutions International, Inc., can also work with you during your meeting’s planning stages to translate all written and audiovisual materials you might need for the complete success of the event.

No matter whether you’re convening for an hour in the corner office or for a week at a major convention center, we have the conference equipment and trained audio engineers to make your meetings a success.

With professional sound engineers on staff, a warehouse literally filled with pro-audio equipment, and offices throughout the United States, Accredited Language provides fully scalable conference support.

All Global Solutions International, Inc., and its affiliates provide full conference services for Fortune 1000 US companies, US government agencies, professional associations, High Tech companies, international Companies and non-profit organization.

o Delegate microphones

o A/V Recording Systems

o IR and FM sound systems

o Sound proof booths

In addition, our trained audio engineers are available to plan, install and operate pro-audio equipment to facilitate a successful conference.

WORLWIDE Coverage in 80 + Countries

All Global Solutions International, Inc., can provide conference simultaneous interpreting as full-service and on-site technical support in 80+ countries. We can also translate your conference presentations, agendas or meeting handouts into 100+ languages onsite. All Global Solutions International, Inc,. is the one-stop resource for all of your domestic or international meeting language requirement


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