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Our experienced translator renders an original document into a second language.  To generate the best quality translations, the translator is a native speaker of the target language and fluent in the source language. Our translator is custom selected for each project because of her/his background knowledge in the specific subject matter.

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Our editor reviews the translation and the source document to compare the content of both languages and to correct the writing style of the translation to suit normal patterns in the target language which helps maintain the integrity of the original message. Our editor also checks for missing words or phrases, mistranslations, and grammatical errors.
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A native speaker translator of the target language proofreads the translated document. He/she particularly focuses on the overall writing style and the editor’s feedback and discusses changes with the rest of the translation team and project manager until all are satisfied with the final document. The overall goal is to ensure the accuracy of linguistic and grammatical elements, correct hyphenation and word placement, and proper publication-ready formatting.
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The Project Manager gathers requirements from Customer, custom-matches and schedules the translation team, addresses accounting matters, helps field questions from Customer and translation team, assists with terminology research, and reviews the completed translation to check for completeness and compliance with any special instructions.
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A bilingual language professional is assigned to create a unique terminology glossary or translation memory* for the client to ensure that translator(s) use consistent wording across multiple projects or multiple languages for the same client. This entails researching, defining, and translating your proprietary, technical, or industry-specific terms to ensure consistency throughout all of your projects, as well as maintaining and updating an electronic database of these terms.  (*A glossary is a bilingual list of terms; a memory is a database of previously translated sentences.)

Translation memory tool: Trados SDLX – Word fast

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A sworn statement, signed before a notary, in which the translator attests that the translation is true and accurate to the best of his/her information, knowledge, and belief. The Client must provide the original, hardcopy document to be affixed to this certificate and the translation.

· Accredited Language Services follows precise legal standards to turn your translations into certified documents & notarized accepted by governments and organizations throughout the US and around the world.

· The translators of Accredited Language attest to the accuracy of your translation and each page is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud.

24 Hours Rush and Same-Day Translation

If you have a time-sensitive project, rush and same-day translations are available upon request. Whether you have press releases, brochures, personal documents or other copy, you will receive a quality translation that meets both your needs and your deadline.